Augmentative and Alternative Communication

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Learning Modules

CALL Scotland has developed five short online learning modules for people who would like to learn more about augmentative and alternative communication.

The modules can be viewed one by one as ‘stand-alones’, or in sequence. Module 1 in particular is a very basic starting point, suitable for people who've never really thought about communication much, and have never heard of AAC before. This one might be all you need to raise a basic awareness of AAC.

But if people want to go on and explore the rest, so much the better! All five modules are at an introductory level, and highly accessible to people without any previous specialised knowledge of communication disability, or of communication aids

Each module takes about 5- 10 minutes to view – or longer if you want to explore the many links and resources – and finishes with a ‘Test your Knowledge’ quiz, and a printable personalised certificate.

If used for training purposes, the modules will fit well as a more specific ‘sequel’ to more general ‘Disability Awareness’ or Equalities training, and/or as an introductory ‘starter’ to more specialised studies in communication and social care. E.g. for staff training (in education, health and social care professions, voluntary sector, public and commercial services), and for students in a variety of disciplines e.g. therapy, education, nursing, medicine, social care, nursery nursing etc.

The Modules are linked to the IPAACKS framework: each Module shows the specific ‘Core Values and Commitments’ and ‘AAC specific knowledge and skills’ that are particularly relevant to that module topic. They will therefore be a helpful tool for services, teams or individuals that wish to ‘self-audit’ and to develop best practice, and ensure positive outcomes for people who use AAC.

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