Augmentative and Alternative Communication

Keep Talking - Communication Games

Below, you'll be able to download a short but constructive and fun communication activity for a youngster who uses AAC.

The activities aim to help a student to learn and practise – in other words, use! - his or her communication aid to enjoy interactions with others and build up useful social and communicative experiences.

To benefit, you first need to ensure that the Talker is always out of its bag, charged up, and on the table/wheelchair mount ready for daily use. That done, even a 5 minute 'gap' can be turned into a useful communication game.

The activities are taken from CALL’s 'Keep Talking' book, which was inspired by the teacher who, on one of CALL Scotland’s visits, said with some desperation 'I know I'm not doing enough. Somehow, my brain goes all fuzzy – I just can't think of any communication games...'.

If you wish, you can order a paper copy of this book from the CALL Scotland online shop.

Communication Games / Activities to download

Five Minute Standbys

Out and About

Work and Play

Playing with Pals

Communication Friends Group