Augmentative and Alternative Communication

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There are many wonderful AAC resources 'out there' that members of the AAC community generously share - but sometimes it's hard to find them.

Clicking the blue tabs on the left will lead you straight to some simple AAC resources that CALL Scotland has created, that you may like to download and display / use / share.

To access the 'Right to Speak' resources commissioned by  NES, which include videos, downloadable leaflet, posters, symbol communication boards and a Chat Card, created by CALL Scotland, click here or on the 'Right to Speak' tab up top.

Click the 'AAC Links' tab above, to look for further resources from other sources. Pinterest can also be a useful way of 'bookmarking' interesting AAC resources once you've found them, and of linking to resources that other like-minded folk have already found.